“You make antacids, too?”

Sustainability | 23/08/2019

“What exactly does your company do?” We can no longer use one hand to count how many times that question has been asked to our colleagues at a birthday party or other gathering. That is easy to understand, because we make magnesium products and it is hard to imagine what that entails.  

Hydrotalcite, which is hydrated magnesium-aluminium-carbonate, is an interesting substance. Many people have no idea about all the things it can do, but suffice to say that it significantly improves the effectiveness, durability, and overall properties of many products. For example, it is used as an antacid. We also make a number of other substances that contain magnesium, each with their own unique characteristics. Chances are that you come into contact daily with products that contain our substances, without even realizing it. In our factory, we draw a rough distinction between three types of products containing magnesium: ALCAMIZER®, DHT-4A®, and Kisuma® 5.

Colorfast flooring

The first product we mentioned is specifically designed to prevent quality degradation in PVC and is used in all kinds of objects, such as the dashboard of your car, plastic window frames, the wallpaper and flooring in your home, or your children’s favorite toys. Thanks to ALCAMIZER, products last longer and do not become discolored.

The factory helper

The second product, DHT-4A, reduces the need for polymer product manufacturers to purchase new manufacturing materials and reduces maintenance costs. This substance captures acidic residues that are harmful to factories, because they can damage metal parts. DHT-4A protects stainless steel processing equipment by trapping the acids in plastic.

Flame retardant

The last product, Kisuma® 5, provides thermoplastics and rubber with flame-retardant properties. Examples of these include the cables of your electric car or the data cables in your home. Kisuma 5 ensures that flame development in these products is significantly delayed. This will make the world around you a lot safer!

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