The possibilities for using magnesium compounds as an application are endless. It often takes only a small portion of our product to achieve colossal
results. Learn about our existing product types and discover what they can do for the quality and sustainability of your product!


Looking for a PVC production stabilizer? If so, the ALCAMIZER® product line might be perfect for you. This line of environmentally friendly hydrotalcite products has been specially designed to prevent PVC quality degradation. However, there are many more uses that we can think of.


Need an environmentally friendly, food-contact approved, and effective product to deactivate catalyst residues in polyolefins? DHT-4® is the answer! This family of hydrotalcites ensures that acid residues are captured in plastic. This prevents corrosion, which occurs when unstabilized plastic comes into contact with metals, in many applications. This product also has potential in many other areas.

Kisuma® 5

Thermoplastic or rubber with flame-retardant properties? Kisuma® 5 has you covered! The unique characteristics of Kisuma® 5 guarantee a highly concentrated composition, while maintaining mechanical properties.  As such, the product is frequently used in high-temperature cables that must be free of halogen. However, there are many other uses that we can think of.

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