Kisuma® 5

Thermoplastic or rubber with flame-retardant properties? Kisuma® 5 has you covered! The unique characteristics of Kisuma® 5 make a highly concentrated composition possible, while maintaining mechanical properties.  As such, the product is frequently used in high-temperature cables that must be free of halogen. However, there are many alternative uses that we can think of.

How Kisuma® 5 works

Kisuma® 5 consists of a range of magnesium hydroxide (MDH) products. These are inorganic compounds that follow the formula Mg (OH) 2. The products are produced according to our own patented, unique technology. This results in a range of high-purity white powders, which can be used as non-toxic flame retardants during high-temperature processes. KISUMA® 5 starts decomposing endothermically at temperatures > 340 °C, resulting in the formation of magnesium oxide (MgO) and water (H2O). When this occurs, KISUMA® 5 provides flame retardancy in three steps.

  1. The release of water results in cooling and decreased pyrolysis of the polymer
  2. The released water dilutes the fuel/oxygen ratio The MgO that is generated works as a protective layer that provides a smoke suppressant effect
  3. KISUMA® 5 does not generate poisonous or corrosive gas during this process.

Advantages of KISUMA® 5

KISUMA® 5 is an excellent flame retardant and smoke suppressant that does not generate toxic fumes or corrosive gas. There are many advantages:

  • KISUMA® 5 has excellent processability resulting from a special surface treatment and its extremely fine and consistent particle size
  • KISUMA® 5 can be compounded to high concentrations in polymers
  • KISUMA® 5 improves the arc and tracking resistance of polymers
  • KISUMA® 5 improves the MFI and flexural modulus of polypropylene
  • KISUMA® 5 has synergistic effects with red phosphorus and carbon black
  • KISUMA® 5 is also effective as a heat stabilizer for resins containing halogen

Would you like to work on developments with us?

Kisuma® 5 is highly regarded as a leading flame retardant for high-temperature cables that must be free of halogen. This makes the product’s prospective uses particularly interesting, because electric cars and in turn, high-temperature cables for charging purposes, will only become more common. Are you involved in the development and production of electric vehicles or are you considering new applications? Come and visit us for an appointment or request samples without any obligation. We would be more than happy to join you in developing the ultimate application for your product!

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