Looking for a PVC production stabilizer? If so, the ALCAMIZER® product line is perfect for you. This line of environmentally friendly hydrotalcite products has been specially designed to prevent PVC quality degradation by rendering chloride ions non-hazardous. However, there are many more uses that we can think of.


The leading solution for PVC!

ALCAMIZER® offers many benefits for the quality and durability of PVC. The product can be used in conjunction with all common stabilizer systems for PVC and all types of PVC resin, including copolymers as well as suspension, emulsion, and mixed polymers. ALCAMIZER® is known for boasting the following advantages:

  • ALCAMIZER® promotes excellent thermal stability and color hold for PVC applications
  • ALCAMIZER® complies with all standard requirements for safety and handling
  • ALCAMIZER® has outstanding properties for transparency because its refractive index is similar to that of PVC
  • ALCAMIZER® has superior characteristics for dispersion, weatherability and compounding

Peace of Mind Included

The performance properties of hydrotalcites depend mainly on their chemical composition, so precise process control over Mg, Al and Zn content, crystallization and removal of residual moisture are vital to ensure consistently high quality. ALCAMIZER® products are produced using automated processes that are carefully monitored by our quality control system to ensure your products retain superior heat stability and transparency. In addition, we always have sufficient ALCAMIZER® in stock to guarantee continuity and reliability for our customers around the world.

Would you like to work on developments with us?

ALCAMIZER® is highly regarded as a leading heat stabilizer for PVC applications. Car manufacturers and producers of plastic window frames have become very well versed in the use of ALCAMIZER®. However, there are many other markets where ALCAMIZER® would be effective. Are you curious about the possibilities that ALCAMIZER® might offer for your product? Are you considering new applications, but would you like to discuss them with our own product manager? Come and visit us for an appointment or request samples without any obligation. We would be happy to provide you with examples of the variety of applications in which ALCAMIZER® has proven its worth and look forward to joining you in developing the ultimate solution for your own application!

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