Preventive maintenance as a business model

News | 23/08/2019

Picture this: you are travelling with your family to France for vacation. You are hoping that you will have a great vacation, but most of all, you want to make sure that your car will get your family to the destination safely. What will you do about it?  

A single task

In this situation, your car has a clear function: making the 1200 km drive to France on July 5th without breaking down. Before you leave, you think about what kinds of accidents could happen and what might cause them. Are the tires worn out? Does the timing belt need to be replaced? In order to make sure that everything runs smoothly, you have your car inspected and repaired. That is the power of preventive maintenance.

Benefits of planning

At Kisuma, we operate in the same way. Using asset management, we focus on the technical availability and reliability of the installations in the factory.  We do this by applying preventive maintenance models on them. This allows us to stay one step ahead of unplanned maintenance, which yields nothing but benefits for the clients as well as ourselves. It enables us to be a reliable, competitive supplier for our customers. We are also able to fully depend on our factory.

From cost item to revenue model

Maintenance is a must, a step that you cannot skip. This is partly why it is often seen as a cost item. However, by handling your assets wisely, you can transform maintenance into a revenue model for your organization. We conduct maintenance at the appropriate times, which generates value from our assets.

Preventive maintenance

Let’s revisit the car example for a moment. Having the timing belt replaced and the tires inspected reduces the chances of the car breaking down. By doing this, you create value. Instead of being an expense, it is in fact a business model that leads to a successful vacation for you and your family. If you do not address the maintenance, you will get on the road and the belt will break, costing you quite a bit of money. It isn’t all about the money though: you can also count on unnecessary stress and a miserable situation. By paying a smaller amount sooner, you eliminate these risks.

Long term

This works exactly the same way for us. If our planner needs 2,000 kilograms of a product, then our factory has to be up and running. It cannot unexpectedly be unavailable or out of commission. Not only does that cost us money, it also leaves us with dissatisfied clients, which is even more problematic. That is why we always carry out preventive maintenance. In the long run, it always yields money and advantages.

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