Don’t waste progress

At Kisuma, we believe that innovation requires room to breathe. That is why we work on even smarter magnesium-compound applications every day, so that plastics, but also less obvious products such as catalysts, medicines, or special CO2-reducing granules, can be produced as intelligently and sustainably as possible. The only residues remaining after our production process are water vapor and salt water.  That water is so clean that it flows directly into the Wadden Sea World Heritage site.

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Why “Don’t waste progress”?
It is a shame when something stands in the way of progress. After all, innovation makes it possible to make processes smarter, more environmentally friendly, more sustainable, and safer. This requires development: a search for ways to organize production processes more intelligently. We want to assist plastics producers in this search. Together, we can contribute to an end product that reaches its full potential and may even be groundbreaking in terms of sustainability!

Individual responsibility
As a chemical producer, we know better than anyone else that we shoulder great responsibility. It is a responsibility to the people who work for us, to the people who live in the immediate vicinity of our production facility, and to our living environment as a whole.  “Don’t waste progress” has a double meaning: we want to create room for innovative ideas and avoid wasting our raw materials as much as possible. That manifests itself in many ways.

Little to no residue
The production process in our factory does not generate any pollutant by-products. The only substances that leave our factory are water vapor and salt water. This salt water is so clean that it flows directly into the Wadden Sea World Heritage site. This even makes the Wadden Sea a little bit cleaner. What about the product that eventually leaves our factory? It is so safe that you can run your hands through it. Should something go wrong during the production process, we always try to solve it through reprocessing in order to avoid unnecessary waste.

Smart solutions in the factory
“Don’t waste progress”, in our opinion, has to go one step further. That is why we are working to make our processes more sustainable across the board. Various measures have led to a significant reduction in the consumption of gas, energy, and water in our factory.

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