How CO2 brings us

The Motive

The refinery, iron and steel industry are very important sectors. It not only provides for a lot of jobs, but also has an important impact on the economy. But the sectors also have a large CO2-footprint.

If we can't make history, let's create a future

In our vision, it shouldn’t be about reduction, but about improvement: keeping current processes intact and making sure that we’re working on reducing emissions.

Don't waste progress

At Kisuma we believe in the power of innovation. Don’t waste progress: we feel that we can provide solutions for circularity, rather than staying behind with waste and pollution. Besides that, we don’t want to miss an opportunity to create new, innovative applications. We won’t waste progress, nor the future.

From problem to solution

Instead of reducing problems, Kisuma explores ways to turn the problems into solutions which benefit society.

How CO2 emissions will help with sustainability

To convert the problem into new applications, Kisuma participates in capturing CO2 emissions. This way we reduce the world’s CO2 footprint and above all the possibility to convert the captured CO2 into methanol or fertilizer.


This makes the capturing of CO2 for instance an alternative for biomass. In this way, it can be directly CO2 neutral. It leaves no extra emissions from the power stations that produce biomass and avoid unnecessary import and logging.

Snowball effect

We’ve taken the first step in a long way towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. And like all big journeys and innovations, they all started with a brave, first step. Now we are looking for partners who want to join us. Together we’ll create a snowball effect.

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