Kisuma joins INITIATE project

Uncategorized | 17/12/2020

The iron and steel industry is a hugely important sector. It is not only a major employer, but also has a major impact on the economy. However, the sector also has a large CO2 footprint.

In our view, it should not be about reduction, but about improvement: keeping current processes intact and ensuring that we do something about emissions.

At Kisuma we believe in the power of innovation. Don’t waste progress: we believe we can come up with solutions for circularity, instead of being left behind with waste and pollution. In addition, we do not want to miss any opportunity to propose new, innovative applications. We do not waste progress and the future.

To convert the problem into new applications, Kisuma is participating in the capture of CO2 emissions. In this way we reduce our CO2 footprint and, moreover, the collected CO2 can be converted into methanol or fertilizer.

For this reason, we have been a key partner of the INITIATE consortium (Innovative industrial transformation of the steel and chemical industries of Europe) since 1 November 2020, where we are the supplier of the sorbent.

The project aims to demonstrate industrial symbiosis concept between the steel and chemical industry with the aim to reuse emissions into sustainable products.

More information can be found in the press release below.

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