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Good employment practices | 23/08/2019

Kisuma has its roots in Japan. We are a subsidiary of Japanese Kyowa Chemical Industry. In 1997, the first non-Japanese branch of this company was established in the Northern Netherlands due to the presence of high-purity magnesium chloride here. In addition to the down-to-earth mentality of the Northern Netherlands, you will also find Japanese characteristics in our corporate culture. That is a unique mix.

Loyal to you

By nature, the Japanese are very loyal to “the group” to which they belong, and this is also the case with our colleagues. This has to come from both sides. As a company, we do our best to make it as pleasant as possible for our employees too. This applies to employment conditions, training options, career development opportunities, and freedom.


Not only do we take an interest in our employees, we also care about the people around them. Our employees’ families are important to us. Fallen on hard times? Having family issues that make it more important for you to be home than on the shop floor? We feel that it is essential to give you room to breathe in these situations.

No job hoppers here

What goes around, comes around. Contrary to what you would expect, especially during turbulent times in the labor market and “millennials”, the people who work for us stay here for a long time. This is also in keeping with Japanese culture. In Japan, it goes without saying that an employee will remain with a single employer until retirement. We provide the opportunity for development and to be sustainably employable. However, we are a realistic company: we do not keep our employees on short leashes. We simply make it as enjoyable to be here as we can, so that they want to stay.

Introducing a new generation to technology

Of course, we sometimes need to add new staff members to our ranks, but finding technical personnel in today’s labor market can be quite a challenge. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find employees. In order to introduce young talent to technology and to Kisuma the company (perhaps even as a prospective employer), we give tours to secondary school students. Technology is a surprisingly fun profession! We have to show that to the new generation by piquing their interest and stimulating their curiosity. To be honest, we are actually buttering them up a bit. It would be fantastic if some of them came to join us on the job one day!

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